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Serrapeptase Enzymes

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From: Marilyn Walter
Fremont, California

           Serrapeptase Enzymes: What You Should Really Know

Serrapeptase enzymes are one of the most highly beneficial substances that can be very useful in treating many different diseases. This proteolytic enzyme is a natural substance that is commonly found on a silkworm’s intestine. 

When naturally processed with the use of fermentation, this valuable enzyme can provide numerous health benefits. On an extensive clinical research, medical professionals discovered that serrapeptase contains many beneficial properties that have the ability to cure certain medical conditions that an individual is suffering from. 

Possible Uses

Serrapeptase enzymes can possibly be used in treating:

• Body pain 

• back problems particularly in the neck and lower back part

• Rheumatoid arthritis 

• Osteoporosis

• Arthritis 

• Leg Ulcers 

• Diabetes 

• Prostate problems 

• Polymyalgia Rheumatica

• Diabetes 

• Breast Engorgement 

• Fibromyalgia 

• Cystitis muscles or joints

• Inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn's disease, IBS and Ulcerative Colitis 

• Fibrocystic Breast disorder 

• Migraines and Headaches brought by inflammation

• Lung and chest problems 

• Bronchiectasis

• Asbestosis 

• Coughs 

• Bronchial Asthma

• Eye Problems 

• Bronchitis 

• Emphysema

• Cystic Fibrosis 

• General Inflammation 

• Pulmonary Tuberculosis

• Multiple Sclerosis 

• Blocked veins 

• Damaged Nerves 

• Runny nose 

• Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis 

• Sore Throat

• Ear, throat and nose problems 

• ear infections

• Hayfever 

• Rhinitis

• Catarrhal Rhinopharyngitis 

• Laryngitis

• Swollen Glands 

• Sports Injuries, 

• Post operative lesions and scars 

• Heart disease

• Traumatic and post operative swelling

• Thrombophlebitis 

• Varicose Veins

• Blood Clots 

• Fibromyalgia


• Carpel tunnel syndrome

• Angina 

• Arterial Disease 

• Anti-aging

• Osteoarthritis

• Tension headache 

• Asthma

• Empyema or pus accumulation 

How Serrapeptase Works 

This proteolytic enzyme works in 3 ways, particularly reducing pain, improving cardiovascular health and reducing inflammation. In reducing the inflammation in the affected part of the body, the helpful enzyme functions by thinning the fluid that forms due to injuries and helping regulate the removal of the fluid in the area. As a result, it helps in repairing the damage tissues quickly. 

Serrapeptase also reduces the pain felt by blocking and stopping the production of the body’s bradykinin, which is a pain messenger. Aside from all these things, this valuable enzyme helps improve the overall condition of the cardiovascular health by breaking down the protein causing blood clot, which is a negative effect of blood coagulation known as fibrin. 

Great Benefits of Serrapeptase Enzymes 

• Since serrapeptase enzyme contains potent anti-inflammatory properties, it can be very useful in treating those disturbing medical conditions that involves inflammation as one from the primary symptoms. This valuable enzyme can help treat arthritis, viral pneumonia, rheumatoid arthritis, sinusitis, bronchial asthma, osteoporosis as well as other inflammatory related medical conditions. 

• This healthy enzyme contains powerful clot-busting properties which can be of great help in treating various cardiovascular diseases. With this enzyme, it will effectively remove the fibroids that are responsible in blocking and narrowing the major arteries. As a result, the heart as well as other vital organs will gain a sufficient amount of blood, which in turn will help prevent the development of threatening medical conditions such as heart attack.

• Serrapeptase enzymes greatly helps in quickly healing the wounds resulting from going through a surgical procedure, injuries or accidents as well as post operative effects. With this, you will be able to recover as fast as possible. 

• Serrapeptase is an excellent alternative to certain Non Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs, typically known as NSAIDs, for treating body thpain. Unlike these medications in the category of NSAIDs, serrapeptase enzymes are much safer and healthier. In fact, it can effectively eliminate pain without causing stomach bleeding or ulcers, which are the side effects involved in using NSAIDs.

• This beneficial enzyme is capable of treating numerous medical conditions including other health problems such as torn ligaments, sprains, carpal tunnel syndrome, chest and lung problems, varicose veins, polymyalgia rheumatic, neck and back problems, runny nose, diabetes, strep throat, migraines, enlarged prostate, coughs, inflammatory bowel syndrome, overall pain as well as anti-aging. 

• Another valuable benefit of serrapeptase is that it can be very helpful in treating fibro-cystic breast disease. With the contribution of this healthy enzyme, it can significantly increase the effectiveness of the treatment that the patient is using. This includes reducing the pain and swelling in the affected breast as well as maintaining it firm. 

• The enzyme can greatly help in treating sinusitis, blocked nose and chest congestion. The beneficial properties of this enzyme have the ability to harden the mucus, which in turn reducing the secretions being produced. 

• Serrapeptase can significantly contribute in treating various nose, throat and ear health problems such as temporary hearing loss, nasal obstruction and laryngitis as well as other conditions associated from these body parts.

• Since serrapeptase is capable of digesting all the body’s dead tissues, it has more positive effects on the body’s circulation and scar tissues.

• When it comes to chronic bronchitis, serrapeptase enzyme can be very useful. According to the health care professionals in the United States, this valuable enzyme can greatly reduce coughing and mucus secretions for those individuals suffering from chronic bronchitis for as little as four weeks of continuous treatment. 

• For sinusitis or sinus pain, clinical studies indicate that individuals suffering from sinusitis gained significant improvement in their condition with the use of serrapeptase. This valuable enzyme helps reduce nasal secretions, nasal obstruction and pain after treating the condition for as little as 3 to 4 days. 

• Medical researches indicate that this valuable enzyme can greatly help in reducing pain, swallowing difficulty, secretions and fever caused by laryngitis or hoarseness for as short as 3 to 4 days of continuous treatment. 

• Recent clinical studies show that serrapeptase enzyme can be very useful in reducing swallowing difficulty, fever, secretions and pain for those individuals who are suffering from pharyngitis or sore throat in just 3 to 4 days of continuous treatment. 

Dosage Instruction 

Although serrapeptase is generally considered as a natural medicine, it is still very important that users should strictly follow the recommended dosage so as to ensure safe administration. Bear in mind that the appropriate dosage is 10-30 milligrams per day. 

For safety purposes, it is highly recommended that you should consult a health care professional to determine exactly the right dosage for you. If you’re planning to use serrapeptase enzyme sooner or later, do not take it without the approval of your doctor. More importantly, do not make your own dosage it is still best follow the recommendation of a medical professional since they know what is right for you. 

To effectively treat bronchitis, fibrocystic breast, arthritis, sinusitis, cardiovascular problems and other medical conditions, a dose of 20 milligrams per day is recommended. The most appropriate way to use serrapeptase is to take it without food or in an empty stomach. However, if you already had eaten your meals, it is suggested that you should wait for about 2 hours after eating before you are allowed to take serrapeptase. After taking it, it is best that you should wait for 30 minutes at least before you can eat.

Health Risks 

Although this valuable enzyme does not have serious adverse health effects, still there are possible risks associated from using it. If serrapeptase is used excessively or taken beyond the required dosage, patients particularly the older people may suffer from a rare side effect such as gastrointestinal irritation. Since it has the ability to reduce mucus secretions, those individuals who suffer from certain lung problems has a higher risk of acquiring lung infections and pneumonia. 

Side Effects 

With its great benefits, serrapeptase also comes with side effects upon its use. However, no severe side effects were reported from using it as of now. Below are some possible side effects of serrapeptase.

If you experience one or more of these undesirable effects, it is best that you should seek medical attention immediately so as to prevent yourself from any harm that it might bring to you. • In few cases, it has been reported that the use of serrapeptase enzyme leads to skin irritation. However, it has been validated that it is only a minor irritation. 

• If you’re using serrapeptase, it may lead to abdominal pain and swelling including redness and itching of the skin. 

• Although considered as rare side effects, individuals may experience minor inflammation in the body’s lung tissue and pneumonitis.

Since this natural medicine is new and no extensive clinical research has been performed as of now, it is highly recommended that those people who are using serrapeptase should be very careful when taking a dose of it. Aside from all the side effects listed above, there might be also other undesirable effects that the user can experience from using it. 

General Recommendation 

Bear in mind that you should only use serrapeptase if you are permitted to do so by your doctor. If up to now you did not consult a medical professional regarding this matter, do not try administering it.

If you are planning to use serrapeptase enzyme, it is best that you should consult first your doctor before trying it so as to ensure that it is appropriate for your health. 

When your doctor allows you to take serrapeptase, follow correctly and strictly the dosage recommendation of your personal doctor. However, if your doctor did not specify the exact dosage that you should take, it is highly recommended that you should follow the dosage instruction of serrapeptase. With this, you will have a lesser risk to suffer from any of its side effects.

If you experience one or more side effects or if you feel any unusual reactions in your body after taking it, seek medical assistance immediately.

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